Bring Your Fashion Ideas To Life

Scizzor connects you to great designs, rare fabric and quality fashion service providers worldwide to help you bring any fashion idea to life.

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Discover Rare Designs for That Special Occasion

Discover Designs in Magazines Created by Fashion Artists All Over The World and Get Inspiration for Your New Outfit.

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Connect with The Best Fashion Service Providers Near You

Find and Pay for The Services of Skilled Artisans/ Manufacturers & Buy Fabric/ Ready-To-Wear Clothes All On Our App.

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Save Measurements to Your Phone for Express Orders

After Your First Order, You Can Save Your Measurement to Your Phone For Express Orders in The Future.

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Request a Fashion Service For Free

We Are Still Building Our App, But If You Urgently Need A Fashion Service Like A Tailored Dress For A Wedding Or A Clothing Manufacturer To Start A Fashion Business, Fill The Form And Get 20% Off Your First Order!

Here’s How Scizzor Works

1. Download

The user downloads the app.

2. Sign Up

The user then signs up and selects an account type which could be a customer or a type of service provider.

3. Inspiration Page

Once sign up is completed, the user can find & save designs on magazines they love to their page.

4. RTW Outfits or Bespoke Services

The user can search for ready to wear outfits or bespoke service, negotiate a price, pay and then arrange a meeting for measurement.

5. Meeting & Measurement

The service provider meets up with the user, takes measurements and saves them on the app for proof. If the user already knows measurements, they can upload them and share with the service provider.

6. Initial Deposit

After specifying measurement and finish date, the service provider receives 35% of what is paid to start work (after 5 successful jobs, this increases to 40% and can go up to 50%).

7. Pre-Receipt of Finished Outfit

Before the agreed date of completion, the service provider finishes the outfit and delivers it to the user for final fittings and adjustments.

8. Final Receipt

The user receives their final amazing outfit, confirms via the app and then releases the rest of the money to the fashion service provider.


After payment, we hold 100% of the funds in an escrow account, 35% of the payment is released to the service provider to begin work and the 55% after the work is satisfactorily done (4% goes to fee processing & Scizzor keeps 6% as commission). If it is small alterations that need to be made, we advise that the tailor meets before the final date specified so clothes can be properly adjusted.
However, if the clothes aren’t your size at all and nothing can be done to fix this then 65% of your initial deposit will be released back to you. If it is a situation in which irrevocable damage has been done, the service provider will be penalised (lose ratings) or expelled.

We are working on an insurance plan for service providers that covers damages when unfortunate situations occur. Until then, we advise working with service providers in your city who can personally deliver what you’ve paid for to you. If you pay and don’t receive what you paid for, you’ll receive 65% of your funds back and the service provider will be penalised.
If you are not satisfied with 65% and want to receive 100% you can email us a complaint and we will investigate. If it is clear that the service provider is at fault, the service provider would then have the option of paying back the 35% left, or being penalised (losing a star or being banned from the platform) depending on the severity.

Our payment system solves this, by taking 100% of the payments upfront. That way service providers are protected. It is a multi sided platform, and we have to create rules that are fair for both sides.
In this situation where the customers have to bear the burden with full payment, we only want to work with service providers who have integrity and are trustworthy. Any service providers that engage in activities that are devoid of integrity will be expelled from the platform.

We are working to create an advertising system similar to Youtube’s that places adverts in the magazines created by content creators. This way the magazines with high views are paid more than other magazines.
Until then, brands that want to advertise have to contact content creators directly, and pay these content creators to have their products featured in their magazines.

Because most of the clothes made on this app, would be for very important occasions; delivering clothing made on or before the specified end date is very important. We consider clothes that are delivered after deadline as a non fulfilment, and service providers could be penalised for this. It is best for the service provider to constantly update the customer on the status of their clothes and if they are able to meet the deadline or not.
In a situation where clothes are received much later than the customer was meant to, the customer initially receives 65% back, and then after investigation to understand the remaining 35% could also be refunded.

At the moment, Scizzor only helps introduce people looking for fashion services to people looking to get these services done as soon as possible.
As we grow we’ll be able to do more things but for now, we would not be able to deliver for the service providers on our app. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do that someday.

Sign up today and you could win £1000 to Spend In-App